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About us

Ameliefolies was born from the will to create a new women's fast fashion brand: Each clothing piece is completely made in Italy in a traditional way. Our clothing pieces include: trendy women's wear, gloves, bags, hats and accessories.

You can find the “made in Italy” style in each women's wear piece of Ameliefolies' collections and in our accessories: you will find our collection in our sore at the Centergross centre of Bologna, where our collections stand out for the quality of textiles and for the colours used, wisely combined by our stylists to create fashionable collections.

Ameliefolies produces trendy women's wear pieces, with a large range of products that you can combine to create your own idea of dynamism, elegance and attention to details.

The “made in Italy” style is a major point of the Ameliefolies essence. It is much more than a slogan: it is a lifestyle, a philosophy of knowing how to combine clothes, accessories, shoes, hats, gloves and bags.

Ameliefolies represents a clear, dynamic and chic style, thought for those who intensely live each moment of their day and appreciate each life experience: You can find Ameliefolies in our store at the Centergross centre of Bologna where you will find cheap and affordable prices.

In the Ameliefolies store of the Centergross centre in Bologna you can find women's wear, accessories, bags, leather bags, leather jackets, gloves and much more. A large range of clothing pieces and accessories, all made in Italy, and the latest fashion collections (Fall–Winter Collection, Spring–Summer collection).

Today, Ameliefolies' “made in Italy” production guarantees that the 100% of the women's wear, the accessories, the leather goods (leather bags and jackets), the gloves and the hats are completely produced in Italy. Thus, we guarantee an incredible quality of all the clothing pieces present in our stores in Bologna.

Ameliefolies, in fact, also thought to create an online shop on our site where you can purchase our collections that are always available with our trendy women's wear pieces, bags, gloves, accessories and hats, with made in Italy products.

Come to visit our store at the Centregross in Bologna where it will be a pleasure for us to propose you the latest women's fashion trends with our women's wear and our accessories such as bags, gloves and hats. You will be able to purchase the Ameliefolies collections through our wholesale or on our online shop.

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On the site you will find a large range of all our fast fashion collections, that you can purchase/book directly online or in our store ant the Centregross centre in Bologna.