Accessories, Gloves and hats

Each modern, dynamic and trendy woman takes care of her look: she knows that her look is what represents her and conveys to others her way of being and what she thinks about each moment of the day. She also knows that it is important to take care of it to feel always beautiful, elegant and trendy; however, apart from the women's wear, more and more women nowadays search for a touch of style and uniqueness through fashionable accessories, such as shoes, bags, hats, scarves and glamour jewels.

Accessories today have become an essential element in a woman's personality: she embellishes herself with a glimpse of light, ironic textiles and soft or coloured nuances.

Every Italian and world fashion company nowadays is increasingly specializing in the creation of accessories that create a style, such as gloves, hats, scarves, shoes and jewels for women, proposing innovative and dynamic collections for the materials used, their colours, their lines and dimensions. The “made in Italy” accessory gives you another quality guarantee, because all along in Italy we have been paying attention to details and to a trendy and social lifestyle.

In the Ameliefolies store at the Centergross centre in Bologna, you will find, not only made in Italy products produced completely in Italy, but also woman’s accessories such as bags, shoes, hats, gloves and scarves for the fall, winter, spring and summer collections; they are fast fashion collections thought to accompany everydaya trendy, unconventional, natural and dynamic woman.

Ameliefolies brings emotions with its collections: fall collection, spring collection, winter collection and summer collection. A woman that wears the fast fashion pieces and the accessories of Ameliefolies is an exciting, ironic, trendy, joyful and lively woman, who knows how to combine textiles' elegance and irony, shapes and colours with harmony;you can appreciate the Italian style, marked by the "made in Italy" label in each piece of the Ameliefolies collection and in our accessories: in our store at the Centergross centre of Bologna you will find our collections, created by our stylists following the latest world fashion trends.

Women’s hats, scarves, gloves and knit, woollen, cotton, leather accessories, etc., there are proposals that fit for any occasion, for all your needs and for all the ages: you will find all this and many other things (women's wear, leather bags and jackets, dresses, woman’s trousers, sweaters, etc.) in Ameliefolies’ collection in our store at the Cetergross centre in Bologna, specialised in the wholesale.

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Ameliefolies produces trendy women's wear pieces, with a large range of products that you can combine to create your own idea of dynamism, elegance and attention to details.

You can watch all the details of the fall, winter, spring and summer collections in our store at the Centergross centre of Bologna, specialised in the wholesale of made in Italy women's wear, accessories, gloves, shoes, hats and scarves that represent a winning and glamour woman.