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amelie foliesWatch the women's wear range of Ameliefolies collection. We are specialised in the wholesale of clothes, that takes place in our store at the Centergross centre in Bologna, but also in the online sales.

In our store you will find women's wear, accessories, bags, leather bags and jackets, trendy gloves and hats and other fashionable items.

Ameliefolies creates emotions with its collections: Fall collection, Spring collection, Winter collection and Summer collection.

Women, who wear the Ameliefolies’ fast fashion pieces are ironic, trendy, cheerful and lively and know how to combine the textiles’ elegance and irony in harmony. In our store you will find a great range of fast fashion and trendy clothing pieces, that can define and characterize the woman hidden inside you.

Ameliefolies collections are lively and joyful: visiting our online store or our stores situated at the Centergross centre in Bologna you can purchase, at cheap prices, many fast fashion pieces, such as women's wear, gloves, hats, accessories, leather bags and jackets, choosing among more trendy or classic clothing pieces. All this at incredible and very competitive prices.

Ameliefolies collections, foreseeing new trends, convey a unique female style, dynamism and elegance at the same time. Any clothing piece present at the Centergross centre in Bologna or on our online store is completely made in Italy.

Our collections, personalized and appropriate for the different needs of each woman are presented in our large range of trendy clothes that you can purchase at incredible prices. 

Our collections are characterized by bright and natural colours, quality textiles and they are always well tailored. Thus, they propose the image of a modern, chic, ironic and imaginative woman.

Ameliefolies' women's wear line includes T-shirts, shawls, trousers, dresses, skirts, accessories, gloves, scarves, hats and bags.

What drives us in creating our collections is the deep awareness that consumers’ desires are in constant evolution, always seeking for a social and personal identity and a stronger motivation to spend the money they are about to spend. For all these reasons, Ameliefolies created a fashionable and modern line, which includes, trendy women's wear, accessories, bags, leather bags and jackets, gloves and hats, proposing collections that are different in colours and lines.

  • Fall/Winter collection
  • Spring/Summer collection

The strong point of Ameliefolies is the quality of a “Made in Italy” product, at a unique and competitive price. You can watch all our fast fashion collections and our clothing pieces, accessories, bags, leather jackets, gloves and hats on our store at the Centergross centre in Bologna, Italy, where we wholesale our products.

Our stores at the Centergross centres are big and offer a large range of fast fashion “made in Italy” clothing pieces at very interesting prices. Click here to immediately watch our women's wear pieces offered in our latest collections (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) available for the sale on the Internet or for the wholesale.

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