Leather and non-leather bags

A woman who wants to be trendy and in vogue has to choose the right bag for each occasion: bags, in fact, are for women much more than a simple tool used to carry things that can be useful during the day.

Besides being a faithful friend (as they permit us to do not forget anything and to keep with us all the things that we need), bags are an important accessory, an element that enriches and embellishes the style, the elegance and the posture of a woman, they are an accessory that can reveal many things about her personality, her tastes, her character and her thoughts.

For this reason, Ameliefolies created for its collections (fall, winter, spring, summer) a line of bags and purses that will accompany the Ameliefolies woman everyday: you can find the bag that fits best with your style or that is better for a special occasion on our store in the Centergross of Bologna, where you will find a large range of bags and other accessories.

Our collections are characterized by bright and natural colours, quality textiles that are well tailored, as we want to propose the image of a modern, chic, ironic and imaginative woman, also in our accessories and bags.

Watch the women's wear range of Ameliefolies collection. We are specialised in the wholesale of made in Italy women's wear and accessories, that takes place at the Centergross in Bologna.

In our store you will find women's wear, accessories, bags, leather bags and jackets, trendy gloves and hats and other fashionable items.

Ameliefolies brings emotions with its collections: fall collection, spring collection, winter collection and summer collection. Women who wear the Ameliefolies’ fast fashion articles are ironic, trendy, cheerful and lively and know how to combine the textiles’ elegance and irony in harmony. In our store you will find a great range of fast fashion and trendy clothing pieces, that can define and characterize the woman hidden inside you.

Handbags, shoulder bags, satchel bags, bucket bags, half moon bags, clutch bags and baguette bags, leather bags, cotton bags, faux leather bags, plastic bags and nylon bags, with neutral or bright, joyful and garish colours. We have a large range of bags among which you can choose in Ameliefolies winter, fall, spring and summer collections.

Each bag sold by Ameliefolies is completely made in Italy: we sell women's wear, bags, gloves, hats, dresses, leather jackets, leather bags and accessories of a great quality at cheap and competitive prices.

Visit our store at the Centergross in Bologna where we wholesale bags, accessories, womenswear, gloves, scarves and women’s hats: you will find real and unmissable offers with a great price/quality ratio.

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