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DSC 8037Italy is one of the most important centers for fashion: each item produced and made in Italy, guaranteed by the famous label "Made in Italy", is a guarantee of safety in the world of high-quality lines and fabrics for customers who buy it.
Ameliefolies produces womenswear always the latest fashion with a wide assortment of products that will allow you a unique combination of dynamism, elegance and attention to detail: every piece of his collection is produced entirely in Italy in a traditional way, and includes clothing, gloves, scarves, bags, hats, sweaters and accessories for all types and for all ages.

Most of the women in fact pays particular attention to their clothing, to feel more beautiful, stylish and fashionable at any time of the day.
For this reason the fashion companies specialize more and more in the creation of fast fashion female, proposing collections consist of tissues eccentric and refined, with new colors and new forms, to provide each woman proposals always innovative and unique, in a marriage trendy and fashion style.
With clothing fashion Ameliefolies every woman will be certain to find the head that most suits her, both for special occasions and special, in which perhaps can give clothes to show off refined and sophisticated, but also in the lives of all days, with comfortable clothes, always designed to be in line with the latest fashion trends.
The collections Ameliefolies are based on fun and vitality in our shop at the Centergross Bologna can buy affordable clothes ready to wear as many clothes for women, gloves, hats, accessories, bags and leather jackets, from classic items to those more 'fashionable; all this and more at incredible prices very competitive.

In advance of new trends, the collection summer, the autumn, the winter collection and the spring of Ameliefolies communicate feminine style, dynamism and elegance at the same time. It is an authentic expression of the Made in Italy every piece of clothing for this wholesale at Centergross Bologna.

The dresses, sweaters, accessories, gloves, scarves, leather bags and leather jackets are sold wholesale in Centergross of Bologna, which offers a wide assortment of items from the latest collections.

DSC 8038Nelle Fashion collections (collection winter, spring, summer and autumn collection) you will find stylish clothes, but also practical clothing for everyday occasions: mesh, cover shoulder, pants, dresses, skirts, accessories, gloves, scarves, hats , bags, dresses and more.
Elegance, versatility, color, style and dynamism identify the new modern woman, a woman who lives intensely every moment of the day, a woman who loves the quality of the fabric, the refinement of dress and the attention to detail and accessories.
The collections Ameliefolies born to meet the demand of a modern woman and chic, that on every occasion wants to feel herself, with the grace and sophistication of the most innovative fashion trends, but with the convenience of everyday.
This is how our collections womenswear: these links, cover the shoulder, pants, dresses, skirts, accessories, gloves, scarves, hats, bags, dresses and more.

Ameliefolies is available for wholesale Centergross in Bologna the latest collections. Come and discover the latest trends in fashion fast fashion!